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The Mentoring/ Youth Leadership Development Program

With an experiential learning focus, this program develops young people’s capacity for positive aspirations and behavior even in the face of stressful environments and events. Participants receive tutoring, as well as one-to-one and group mentoring. They also participate in community service projects, the 5-4-3-2-1 GO! health program, and career experiences, as well as activities that promote self-improvement, celebrate cultural diversity, offer college readiness opportunities, and develop leadership abilities.


The Youth Advisory Council

Representatives offer a young person’s perspective to the Community Steering Committee. Each youth engages in leadership development and community involvement within zip codes 75216 and 75217. Experiences encourage youth toward increased social responsibility and community advocacy. The council also provides information to help young council members increase their earning potential by taking advantage of all educational opportunities.

The Woodland City Alliance Council

Helps program participants look, be, and act their best at all times. Young people aged 10-17 participate in competitions involving singing, memory, critical thinking, outdoor sports, and physical exercise as well as playing educational and electronic games. (75217)

What About the Children Foundation

Motivates children from low-income areas to set and achieve higher education goals through business training. Participants from grammar school to 9th grade experience the program’s Business Mentoring Curriculum, which offers life skills education, academic assistance, leadership skills, and career development. (75216)

The Teens at Work Career Development Program

Offers teens a realistic view of work, providing them with the necessary skills and workplace ethics to successfully maintain employment. This is achieved by providing a learning environment where they feel challenged, respected, and accountable as they strive to meet the demands of adulthood. The program is unique in that Teens at Work provides the employers’ perspective to the student. (75216 & 75217)

Renaissance Community Development

Provides youth employment training consisting of four major components: socio-cultural responsibility, financial literacy, hospitality and food services, along with economic enhancement or paid internships. Each component provides a foundation for exceptional growth and development for teens. (75217)



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