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Youth Leaders - Positive Futures

This program helps youth work toward a positive future providing opportunities for college and/or career exploration. Youth are assessed to identify their interests and skills, which helps them explore appropriate paths towards their goals. Participants expand their horizons by going on college tours, and opening up the possibility of furthering their education. They learn leadership and life skills such as public speaking, planning, appropriate interpersonal skills, multiculturalism, financial literacy, and emotional self-regulation.


Promise / STEP enhances and strengthens young people’s self-esteem by promoting positive attitudes about school and reducing violent acts by teaching participants to compete through “stepping.” Rooted in college traditions, stepping provides students with pride in their education and while also reducing barriers that impede success in school. All participants are encouraged to pursue a college education. (75216 & 75217)

Renaissance Community Development

This program provides youth employment training consisting of four major components: socio-cultural responsibility, financial literacy, hospitality, and food services. Participants also benefit from economic enhancement or paid internships. Each component provides a foundation for exceptional growth and development for teens. (75217)



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