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Ken Goodgames is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Community Council based in Dallas, Texas. He is only the fifth executive director in the organization’s 76-year-long history. Community Council is known for identifying services that are needed in the community, assessing how services could be delivered to meet social issues, and mobilizing action plans that create collective impact within the community. Ken is excited about leading the Community Council. He is known for building relationships between social services, the philanthropic community, government, corporations, healthcare, faith-based, and educational institutions. His history of introducing innovative uses of technology within non-profit services are recognized for creating efficiencies and increasing impact.


Ken is a dedicated servant leader and change agent. He previously led a $70M social enterprise for the American Heart Association. As healthcare market innovation leader for the American-Red Cross, Ken led research and growth efforts from their Washington D.C. offices.


Ken most recently served as President & CEO of Transformance, formerly the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Dallas, where he successfully led the organization through a name and branding change.


Ken is guided as a man of faith. He is grounded by his family, his wife Chantrell, and his three children. And his priority is community.



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Phone : 214.954.4223

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Location : Dallas, TX


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