Community Youth Development (CYD) offers a Youth Leadership program for young people aged 10-17 from the 75216 and 75217 zip codes. While juvenile arrest rates in these zip codes rank among the highest in the state, children participating in CYD learn skills and values that result in 98% of these young people remaining arrest-free.

Community realities require youth in these areas to confront and cope with poverty and limited options in neighborhoods where low graduation rates have become the norm. The Leadership Development program inspires young people to assume the role of change agents within their local communities. CYD guides students to take charge of and support a range of community initiatives.

The Community Council provides after-school leadership and enrichment activities for more than 2,000 youth per year. Through the Community Youth Development program experts, educators, and volunteers engage youth and families, actively promoting healthier lifestyles for children and access to benefits programs.

The Dallas Commission on Children and Youth focuses on solutions to problems facing young people, such as reducing truancy and dropout rates.

About Community Youth Development

In 1995, the Texas Legislature initiated the Dallas Community Youth Development (CYD) program, originally named Project 75216. At that time, Dallas Oak Cliff zip code 75216 ranked highest for rates of juvenile crime in Texas. Community Youth Development provides prevention programs that alleviate family and community conditions leading to juvenile crime. Community-based resources and staff provide experiential learning and activities. After more than 20 years of successful programming CYD and its partners have built a legacy for young people coming of age in these communities, through promoting positive character development, self-esteem, and pride.

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